Leafy Construction Approach

One of the reasons why Leafy Construction is Massachusetts’s premier builder is that we do so much more than just build beautiful landscape environments. Our team of experienced landscapers and masons are with you every step of the way, from initial vision to material acquisition, design, completion, and ongoing maintenance for years to come.

What this means is that you shouldn’t wait to call us until you have complete landscape plans and a finalized idea. The value we can provide multiplies if you bring us in from the start!

Leafy Construction expert services include:

Material Acquisition

We use our long standing relationships with local nurseries and stone yards to help you find the perfect material, and then be there to ensure everything is delivered to the site as promised and is in perfect condition. To confirm that your desired project is feasible we’ll do everything from bringing in consultants (such as soil engineers, electricians) and validating material specifications.

Landscape Design

As the top landscape/masons in Massachusetts we have also built strong working relationships with the area’s premier architects and landscape designers. We’ll provide introductions, matching the best fit for your proposed style and needs. Once we are retained we will collaborate closely with your architect to create the best landscape environment that fits within all of your desired design and cost parameters.

Budget & Schedule Development

Your Project Coordinator will obtain subcontractor and vendor bids based on your approved Specifications Book, and then confirm the overall budget for your project. Once the project permit has been issued you’ll receive a Decision Deadline Schedule. This keeps the process from becoming overwhelming, and allows the build schedule to remain on track.

Hardscape Construction

Leafy Construction is a “white glove” mason. We handle all aspects of construction, from serving as the point of contact for all subcontractors, consultants, vendors to resolving issues as they arise. Construction will be overseen by your Project Manager, who will be on site daily ensuring all work is done to specifications, using the highest quality building materials and techniques.

On-Going Care

Your relationship with Leafy Construction does not stop when your project is complete. You’ll enjoy a full-coverage warranty during the first year after your outdoor areas is complete —plus the option to contact us in case of any maintenance required and take it out of your hands.